Connect to your RaspberryPi Desktop using NoMaching

In this tutorial we will setup NoMachine to connect remotely to your RaspberryPi Desktop Environment. In a previous tutorial I demonstrated how to connect using VNC

If you have not setup your desktop environment yet, head over to my blog post on How to Setup a Lightweight Desktop Environment on your Raspberry Pi

Hello NoMachine

NoMachine is software that enables you to connect to your Desktop over a remote connection using the NX Technology.

The thing that I love about NoMachine is that the NoMachine server can be installed on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Raspberry, and also support for the NoMachine clients for the above mentioned.

This makes it easy to connect to your devices from everywhere!

Install NoMachine Server

Head over to and get the latest deb package for your raspberry pi, that is assuming you are running raspbian, then install:

$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i nomachine_6.2.4_1_armv6hf.deb

NX> 700 Install completed at: Sat Sep 01 08:16:01 2018.  
NX> 700 NoMachine was configured to run the following services:  
NX> 700 NX service on port: 4000  

Installing the NoMachine Client

After the installation head back to the downloads page and get the NoMachine for your client.

Connecting to your Desktop using NoMachine

After running the client, the wizard helps you setting up your connection. Once connected you should have something like this:

This demonstration was tested on Raspberry Pi Zero :D so you will notice my performance wont be great, with doing nothing:

So I would definitely recommend using at least the Raspberry Pi 2, also depending on your use case of using a very light desktop environment.